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Phyllis Anka and Cynthia Anka are a mother daughter team that specializes in the first five years of raising a child. They approach this by both training the parent and child, for as the title says;
Smart Parent Smart Child!

Phyllis AnkaPhyllis Anka
Phyllis’ skills, knowledge and expertise come from a combination of her personal parenting philosophy, her business experience as an executive with Motherhood Maternity, and her position as the owner of a childcare facility. She applied her parenting philosophy and child development skills in raising her four children, and evaluated them with her grandchildren, giving her insight and knowledge regarding long term results.

As vice president of stores for Motherhood Maternity, a national retailer, she held a major responsibility as an educator of personnel. She developed both operations and sales programs that measurably improved the skills and performance of the staff. As the head of Marketing, Phyllis and her team conducted ongoing, extensive market research with parents and expectant parents that provided insight and direction for their Motherhood publication featuring information, resources and advice on prenatal care and child development. In this capacity she was selected for “Who’s Who Worldwide of Global Business Leaders”.
Based on her philosophy that children are incredibly intelligent and her expertise with parents and children, she opened a daycare facility creating a unique curriculum covering all child development areas, health and nutritional direction, and a challenging academic program. She continues to run the daycare to this day that has a wait-list for enrollment after over a decade of successes.

The advantage and responsibility of caring for children in a “living” environment, which for the majority of children involves a three to five year period, five days a week, was the ideal opportunity of implementing, practicing, teaching, coaching observing, counseling, and validating her knowledge and skills with hundreds of parents and children.

Cynthia AnkaCynthia Anka

Cynthia Anka has thirty years of experience in childcare.  Beginning with a degree in early child development from Montclair State College, she began her career working for a family with five children over a five year period.  She continued working as a nanny with various families for two and three year periods.

She is now an infant specialist, primarily caring for infants from birth to four months old.  She usually remains with each family until the infant is sleeping through the night.  During this time she educates and trains the parents to skillfully and successfully continue with their infant’s care.

She recently appeared as a panelist on “A Place Of Our Own”.  This Public Television series with a panel consisting of a host and three guest speakers, targets childcare providers as well as parents.  Each show focuses on a particular topic chosen from a parent’s letter asking for help.  Nutritional needs of the children, the important of interactive play, how sleep habits affect children’s productivity, are just a few of the topics discussed.  The show earned an Emmy after its first season and expanded to national programming.

She also serves as a consultant to assist parents with sleep, nutrition and behavior problems as well as offer skills training to a family’s daytime nanny.

Phyllis and Cynthia’s commitment, dedication, and passion have motivated them to share their philosophy, knowledge and skills with as many parents as possible!

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