“I have never written a review of a book before, but I feel so passionately about Smart Parent Smart Child that I wanted to give my opinion. The book is an incredible resource for good parents. It truly helps a family raise independent, well rested, well fed kids!!!! I continually return to certain parts of the book when I am having issues with any of my 3 children and I always find excellent suggestions. Cynthia Anka has helped our family in numerous ways over the years, and I feel very lucky to know her personally. And I have pretty great kids (most of the time!) because of all of Cynthia’s help and support. This book is fantastic and I highly recommend it.” –Amazon review

“Cynthia came into my home six months after the birth of my daughter.   In just a short time she was able to assess and put my daughter on a schedule with immediate results.  Cynthia has a world of knowledge and I highly recommend her to every family.   –Courtney Cox Arquette, Actress

“In a day and age where children are coddled, spoiled, and pampered, this book is a refreshing and important view of the right way to raise a child. You have to be a smart parent to raise a smart child. This is a book about how to become that smart, responsible, and knowledgable parent and in the process, raise your child in a way that helps him or her to become the best human being they can become. This should be a must read for every parent, young or old.” –Amazon Review

“When children do for themselves, they feel good about themselves.  That’s Phyllis’ simple philosophy.  It’s sticking to it for the parents that’s the hard part!” –Michael Alexander, Professor

“Phyllis has an unerring ability to instill self-confience and empathy in young children, a priceless foundation for a more fulfilling life.  My two children thrived under her care.  I relied on her thoughtful, almost instinctual, knowledge of the child rearing techniques that best serve each of them” –Tracy Weber, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist













































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